Since updating to 2020.3 highlighting level always defaults to Syntax not "all problems"

I want default highlighting level to be "all problems"; or at least want all the items which are ticked on the inspection window to show as "problems" in the highlighting of the IDE. Since the latest update I find on every individual file I have to click Code > Configue Current File Analaysis > All Problems as it keeps defaulting back to Syntax Only.

Any idea how to fix this? 


Do you have the "Reader mode" indicator in the editor by any chance? 

This could be one reason. Also, does the selected inspection mode stays intact if you close/reopen the file?


Thank you, disabling reader mode fixed this issue. I should note this issue occurs even on a 100% fresh install.


This is an important issue, thanks for bringing this up.

I have searched my Pycharm settings (with search word  - all problems), and seems like there is no option to change the highlighting level for all files as per the below screenshot:


You can see that “Error Highlighting” section is missing the needed option. Andrey Resler  It would be very nice to have an option to change the setting for all files at once.


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