Cannot read coverage directory (Jest, EAP)

Hi! I'm using RubyMine to work on Ruby and JavaScript (NodeJS) projects. In order to get support for the latest Cucumber I've started to use RubyMine 211.5538.3.

When I run my Jest tests with coverage I get a report at the end of the run but no colored lines or gutter markers for coverage. There is a message in the event log:

Jest coverage: Cannot read coverageDirectory option from Jest configuration

Jest does write the directory set in it's configuration file:

coverageDirectory: './coverage'


4 comments is fixed, fix is planned to be included in the next EAP


Thank you so much.


Has the Jest code coverage been moved somewhere else by any chance? Where do you specify the coverageDirectory? I'm getting a bubble popup with an error that the directory hasn't been specified but I can't find it in the Jest run configuration window


it can be specified in jest.config.js, see

Why do you pass this option explicitly, BTW? You can use the **Run with coverage** to get the coverage report generated


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