my pycharm can't be opened

when i opened my pycharm i got message "the application "PyCharm CE with Anaconda plugin" can't be opened

this is the pict

i already try installing a new version of pycharm but still got that message, the previous question is in russian so i cant understand. please help me fix this problem.

i'm using macbook air OS Mojave

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Could you please download the latest PyCharm from and check if you get the same issue?

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yes. i still get the same error

i checked the python folder and run the pycharm program and found the error, this is the error i found

i already try change the value of Xms and Xmx in pycharm.vmoptions but still didnt work. what can i do next ?

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Thank you, 

Could you please copy-paste the content of your pycharm.vmoptions file? The default values for Xms/Xmx flags should be something like: 

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thanks for the reply Andrey Resler




i already trying change the Xmx up to 1G but still cant open my pycharm

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Do you still get "initial heap size is larger than maximum" error? 

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I suspect a wrong vmoptions file maybe picked up somewhere from your system. 

I would suggest a clean reinstall from while also deleting directories belonging to 2020.3 and previous versions:

[PyCharm 2020 directories](
[PyCharm 2019 directories](

This should make sure you start with the correct vmoptions file.

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Andrey Resler
i found the source of my problem, it's still the xms and xmx value, i checked the file in wrong place, i should replace the value on pycharm.vmoptions on JetBrains folder not pycharm folder. thank you so much for your concern, your help is mean a lot for me


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