Configuring cross-gcc in CLion


Hi all,

I am aiming to develop for RaspberryPi 4 (Linux) on my Windows 10 machine. I have compiled GCC for arm and armhf and got myself mingw-make going...

On Eclipse, this all works completely fine...I just select cross-gcc as my toolchain and change options according to it. I also love CLion and when it works for my work, I prefer to work in CLion rather than eclipse. The problem is, for this particular case I could not manage to setup CLion to meet my needs.


Here is the folder structure of my cross-gcc:

I am trying to introduce this in CLion as a toolchain, but I have no luck... I have to point out that I do not want to work with CMake, and I want to stick to good old Make for this toolchain (if I mange to get it working in CLion).

Is what am trying to achieve feasible within CLion? If so, what should I do?


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