Add option to reverse new stacked sorting behavior


Just tried the 2021-1 update which introduced the new behavior where clicking on a column does not stack sorts, but alt-clicking on a column does. As someone who would like to use both stacked sorting and not-stacked sorting, this is an awesome feature to have. However, I end up wanting stacked sorts more often, so I would benefit if this behavior was reversed.  I think it's fine to keep the default as-is, but can an option in the settings be added such that when enabled, if you click on columns they will stack sort, and if you alt-click on a column it will do a not-stacked sort?


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Thank you for feedback!
We have a ticket about it:
It would be great if you give it a vote

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Please add a way to switch it back, I need to dig deeper than I want into my desktop environment to fix that. 


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