How to disable 'Analyzing' in TrafficLightRenderer of IntelliJ 2020.3 and newer?


Hi there,

We updated our IntelliJ CE to 2020.3, and looks like `Analyzing` is taking a long time which blocks coloring, buttons, and other more important features of IntelliJ. Is there a way that we can disable it? 

I tried to debug the code but I always get compilation errors. The way I build up IntelliJ is

  • downloaded intellij-community from Github,
  • checked out branch 203 
  • opened in 2019.2 CE
  • tried to run the config from there. 

Then there're always some compilation errors. Please let me know if my approach is problematic. I noticed that the intellij-community/android and intellij-community/android/tools-base don't have branch 203, not sure if this could potentially cause the issue. 

My ultimate goal is to disable the `Analyzing` in TrafficLightRenderer so that our people can work faster. Is there a way that we can work from the plugin side? We do maintain an IntelliJ plugin. The attached image is where our UI gets stuck - notice that the `Analyzing...` sticks on the upper right corner for a very very long time, and progress can be made after the text changes. 

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Please report performance problem diagnostic info as described in link so we can investigate underlying issue causing "Analyzing" to take such long time. Thanks.

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Hi Yann, 

it might be hard to provide the full context as we have multiple custom plugins. Is it possible to just disable 'Analyzing' from plugin side? That's all we need. 

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The point is really, "Analyzing" shouldn't take so much time, so it's absolutely needed to investigate underlying cause - either in platform or in custom plugins. As temporary measure, you can set highlighting level in editor to "Syntax" or "None" via right-click on this status UI.


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