Editor consists of only one line despite code being about 50 lines

I already asked this question on Stack but I didn't get an useful answer. I just installed PyCharm on my Mac and when I open a python file or create a new one (it doesn't matter) I can only see one line (see picture 1)

This file consists of about 50 lines. Here is how it looks in Text edit:


As you can see the file consists of more than one line. But the PyCharm editor does not show more than one. Also it isn't possible to scroll the lines. How do I change this back so It looks normal again like in Windows:

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It seems like all screenshots show different files. Could you provide screenshots that definitively show comparison between one and the same file?

In terminal, run `cat <path_to_file>`, and make a screenshot with file path and output visible. Then another screenshot from PyCharm with file path visible.

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The first and the second screenshot show the same file. The third screenshot is an example how it should look like.

But nvm I installed a older version of PyCharm on Mac and it's working fine now. So the latest version was bugged I guess.


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