How to change table names in Code Autocompletion to lower case?


I would like to ask if there is some options to change table names from upper case to lower case in Code Autocompletion. I still want to keep SQL commands like SELECT, GROUP BY upper case. Thank you so much for your help!


You need to go here File | Settings | Editor | Code Style | SQL | <your dialect name> and change in the 'Case' section - keywords to 'UPPER', identifiers to 'lower'.


These settings helps to correctly reformat the code (after selecting and pressing Ctrl-Alt-L)

But is it possible to force autocomplete code (in my case PL/SQL code) in the lower case immediately after completion and get rid from autoformatting?

Here I want to autocomplete in lower case immediately, util.putil_str.split


May I know if the originating case of those database objects prompted by autocompletion is correct, more specifically - it's in upper case? First and foremost, we need to understand if autocompletion is working correctly.

Yes, in database it's in upper case. But if I remember correctly (and I can be wrong here) - in previous version 2022.2.2 code completion was in lower case. 


The autocomplete should prompt you with suggestions of applicable database objects using the same name register as in the source(your database). We previously had issues where, in some cases, the autocomplete returned the incorrect register - names in upper-case instead of lower-case - but this issue has been fixed for a while now. But in your case, it's working as expected.


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