Intellij Plugin Development | Display of Web Application in a Panel within Intellij



We are developing company specific extensions/plugins for both VSCode and Intellij.

We would like to display certain web pages within the IDE to the user which are displayed as the result of an action - in VSCode we can use WebViews to achieve this, embedding the web application within an iframe and opening it within a panel.

Is there an equivalent capability for Intellij Plugin Development, or something that could be used to achieve the same?



Could you point me in the right direction for how I could embed the JCEF within the IDE itself? The documentation only provides an incomplete example using JPanel, but I'm quite new to the plugin SDK and a more complete example would really help.

Reading through the plugin SDK I'm trying to find how I can load the content to the screen where a typical editor tab would be presented (for example instead of a .java file as a tab in the IDE, we would display a panel containing the external web page).

Appreciate the guidance.


Markdown plugin in IJ Community does something similar using "preview" tab rendering via JCEF.

org.intellij.plugins.markdown.ui.preview.MarkdownPreviewFileEditor -> org.intellij.plugins.markdown.ui.preview.jcef.MarkdownJCEFHtmlPanel


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