Help with debug webstorm on pop os

Hi i've been using ulimate and webstorm for learning dev web.

I 've set my laptop with pop os and when i want to use debug from both application 

i've had msg :" Cannot run program "chromium": error=2," idem for chrome or firefox 

i've try to set path for web browser but no result still same result 

could you please help me to make it work ? 

Many thanks


Can be a permissions issue. How did you install the IDE? Did you use one of official distribution channels, or installed it via Flatpak, for example?


install via pop os shop and try also on another os (ubuntu) same issue 



Please try using one of official distribution channels as suggested above - does it help?


The issue is that you cannot run application installed via flatpak (in this case Google Chrome) by providing some path to the executable. You can run it using the following command:

flatpak run

Now the question is how can we make this an executable that can be referenced from the WebStorm? Yes, we can. The easyest way I thought of is to create a simple bash script that contains above-mentioned command.

We create a bash script named `` with following content:


flatpak run $@

The `$@` will pass all arguments from the script to the Chrome executable.

It's important to set exection priviledges for this newly created bash script:

sudo chmod +x ./

Now you can reference this script from the WebStorm:


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