pipenv ssl error and certificates

In my organization https pages are signed by proxy server, so when installing packages in Pycharm venv I have to add --trusted-host options. But for pipenv these options do not work - I get "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1108)'))': /simple/pyyaml/"

I added system variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=c:\path_to\cert.pem - file contatinig certificates of the full certificate path. It works fine with pipenv command line, but doesn't in PyCharm (settings>Project>Project interpreter>Install package) - still get ssl error when installing packages.

I also added all certificates of the certification path in PyCharm Settings>Tools>Server certificates. Nothig's changed - still ssl error.

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Hi, how did you set the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE env variable? Depending on how you set it and how you run PyCharm, the latter may not see it. 

Please open a new command line and do `echo %REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE%` - do you see the value? Have you restarted PyCharm after setting the variable?

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Solved! Thank you.

The problem was caused by bad setting the system variable. I should have set it by 'This PC->Settings->Advanced system setting->...' instead of typing in command line 'set REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=...'.


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