Ctrl + Up/Down arrow (scroll) leaves caret & current line behind (off screen)

When I scroll using Ctrl + Up/Down arrow, the caret and the current line travel up/down the screen with the scrolling content as expected. However, when they come to the top/bottom edge, they go outside the visible screen and keep going farther with every click. When I find the line in the code that I'm interested in and hit Up or Down arrow, the screen abruptly scrolls back to where the caret and current line were before the scroll. In Visual Studio and some other editors when the caret and the current line come to the top or bottom of the screen, they stay there during the scroll. It would be very nice if this can be set in WebStorm too. I have attached a short screencast. Thank you.

Upload id: 2021_02_20_CUA6nvaciNE55r4c (file: ctrl-scroll.mp4)

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There is no such feature... Similar request (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-78297) was declined...


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