format of defining VM options in run configuration?


I have an executable jar application that is executed by this command line:

START javaw -Dmy_username=%user% -Dmy_password=%pw% -cp .\MySelfContainedJar.jar package.TargetClassWithMain

and I'm trying to setup a run/debug configuration to do this from the project within the IDE.
I can find references to where I would define the VM Options, but other than having to be delimited by a comma, see no information on the proper format for these options, e.g., would it be:
-Dmy_username=the name,-Dmy_password=the password
my_username=the name,my_password=the password

or neither of the above?



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Figured it out... I assumed these would be comma delimited as are the environment variables, but that was a bad assumption. Simply adding them as:

-Dmy_username=the name -Dmy_password=the password


space delimited is what you want.


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