How to use system Path in PyCharm ?

I am using PyCharm COmmunity 2020.3 with TensorFlow, CUDA-11 cuDNN-8 and some tensorflow functions doesn't work. So I decided to check the path that PyCharm uses and it appears that it doesn't use my user $PATH environment. So I thought it was using the root $path environment variable but neither.So I thought I misconfigured Cuda etc but the same script works well on a terminal (Ubuntu 18.04)

How can I specified Pycharm to use my user system path variable ?


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Hi, there's few reasons why PyCharm may not see the same environment variables. For example, if you start PyCharm from the desktop shortcut, but your variables are defined in .bashrc (which is expected)

You can make sure to start PyCharm from the same session that has the required variables, or you can add them to the "Environment variables" field of the run/debug configuration.


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