ssh interpreter: allow to take configuration from a file / environment variables

In my company we are currently developing on raspberry pi and using the ssh remote interpreter feature in pycharm professional. 

It would help a lot to be able to set up ssh configuration from a file or some preset env, because as for now each time the raspberry pi gets a different ip I have to manually set another ssh configuration which I've quite a lot of them piled up. 

I'd prefer to run some script to locate the raspberry pi, write down its ip, user, password etc to a file and set pycharm to take the output of this file. 

Maybe some plugin like envfile could do the trick.  


Hi, Please feel free to submit a feature request to our issue tracker at , and let us know if you require any help.


Andrey Resler should I open it under new issue?


Yes, you can open a new issue in

Project: PyCharm

Subsystem: Remote Interpreter

Type: Feature


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