Project files cannot be watched && Refreshworkers.scan freeze



I'm using IDEA community 2020.3. During it's startup, it always prompts:

And after it open the last project, it sometimes freeze. You can see there are many RefreshWorker.scan freeze logs.

My question is: Is there any relation betweeen the FileWatcher warning and RefreshWorker freeze? Can I do something configuration to avoid this?

Because I can not submit the log files, but I can paste a piece of them. Which kind of information I can find to help you to debug this issue?

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Is there any difference if you add = false to Help | Edit Custom Properties and restart the IDE?

The possible workaround is to turn off Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Synchronize files ... option and perform manual sync (using Files | Reload All from Disk) when you suspect project files may have been changed externally (i.e. not by the IDE). This won't fix the problem completely, but at least should reduce it's frequency.

However, to know the real cause, all logs are needed (at least thead dumps). 



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