Why does Goland keep asking if I am willing to share anonymous statistics each time I start up (and decline)?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I noted that every time I load up Goland, it asks me if I want to share anonymous statistics with JetBrains. Every time I decline, it proceeds to load the IDE as normal. However, once I close the IDE and load it up again, It will then again prompt me if I want to share this information.

Is there something I am missing in terms of how to disable this? Or is this designed to keep appearing until you accept?

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Hi Supercom32,

It's a known issue. We've already fixed it, please see IDEA-186369.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the redundant data sharing dialog. The issue has been fixed on the server-side. The fix should be delivered to your IDE automatically next 24 hours or 5 minutes after your next restart. All the sending data is still anonymous and secured. Anonymous usage statistics to Google Analytics have been added by a mistake and, therefore, it couldn’t be accepted. Thank you all for sharing the details.

I hope it helps.

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