Intellij Plugin Testing Robot Framework (intellij-ui-test-robot) on Windows?



We are in the process of setting up tests for our plugin using the intellij-ui-test-robot plugin/framework ( I have managed to get the test working in an Ubuntu Docker container following

I am attempting also to get this working in our Windows CI environment. I have found the equivalent of the `~/.local/share/JetBrains/consentOptions/accepted` file on a Windows machine. However I cannot find the equivalent of the `~/.java/.userPrefs/jetbrains/<complicated folder name>/prefs.xml` file on a Windows machine.

Has anyone else got this framework working on Windows? Is there a different file that I need to edit to accept the EULA on Windows?

Many Thanks
Scott Smith

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To skip agreements configure `runIdeForUiTests` task like this

runIdeForUiTests {
systemProperty("jb.privacy.policy.text", "<!--999.999-->")
systemProperty("jb.consents.confirmation.enabled", "false")

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