Find in File Window Too Tall

Opening Find in File opens a window that is too tall for my MacBook screen. I can't see or scroll to the top where I would enter search text. I can shrink the window horizontally, but not vertically, and I can't move it. It's unusable. PHPStorm 2020.3. 13" MacBook Pro, Mac OS 10.15.7. I am not using a second display.


In this case, you may try the following trick:

- Navigate to the config directory and find a "workspace" directory there. For macOS, it will be something like:

~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/PhpStorm2020.3/workspace

- Sort files by the modification date and find the most recent <id>.xml file, where <id> is a project id that should look similar to "1pUgpT3CWlj6yDcGLRwyLOicbcu.xml".

- Close the project in IDE;

- Search for "find.popup" sections, like:

 <state x="468" y="-1" width="600" height="425" key="find.popup" timestamp="1615332520204">
<screen x="0" y="0" width="1536" height="424" />
<state x="468" y="-1" width="600" height="425" key="find.popup/0.0.1536.824@0.0.1536.824" timestamp="1615332520204" />

- Change "height" to reasonable values and re-open the project.


- Just rename the workspace id .xml file to re-create the workspace.


Hope it helps.


Thanks for responding. I will try this. It does raise this question: what if I routinely move between the laptop display (smaller) and a larger external display? How can I get a workspace config that works for each display? fwiw, I don't recall having this issue in the past. I don't know what's changed.


As far as I know, it should work fine out-of-box and personally, I have never experienced it while switching from laptop screen to an external monitor (however, I would not say that I do it often).

Probably, in your case, it is just a glitch and the incorrect size has stuck in the workspace file.


I renamed the xml file and now it seems to be working well on both displays. Glitch gone. Thanks Vasiliy!


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