Keyboard shortcut to go between pycharm windows by name?

I often have multiple pycharm windows open, each pointing to a different project/folder.

I would like to be able to jump between projects by name. Similar to opening files by name.

I imagine a keyboard shorcut where I can start typing, and it lets me autocomplete based on what other projects are open. And/or shows a list of the other open projects.

A similar UI to jumping between files.

Does anything like this exist? or other ways to jump between pycharm project windows by name?


wow so excited to realize that "open recent" is an option in Keymap

pair a keyboard shortcut to "open recent" and I'm good to go :)


the one problem I'm running into is if I am in a terminal tool window,

my keyboard shortcut to run "open recent project" does not work.

however from a focus in a terminal tool window, the "open recent file" shortcut does work.

any ideas how I can also make my "open recent project" shortcut work,

regardless of whether my focus is in the editor, or the terminal tool window?


Hi, try disabling "Override IDE shortcuts" in Preferences | Tools | Terminal


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