PyCharm - pip freeze terminal displaying global packages

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PyCharm has been my #1 tool (and only) for a Django project for a couple months now. Due to some complications I had to rename the project and move it around the directories. The project uses a virtual environment that works as the Python Interpreter. When I run the local server of the project everything works fine, no errors reading and writing into the database, paths, views, etc. (note that I had to make a couple changes in order for the project to work fine)

Now... when opening the PyCharm terminal it says I'm in the virtual environment, however, when I "pip freeze" to see all of the packages that are installed in the environment, it returns all of the packages installed in the computer.

What am I missing? 


This is the terminal:


This are the packages installed in the interpreter:

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Could you please run in the terminal ``where python`` and see if the python executable path coincides with the one in the Project interpreter setting? 


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