Accessing the debug information (variables) while debugging with a plugin (Intellij)



I was wondering if it is possible to access the debug information during a debugging session and show additional information in an IntelliJ plugin. I want to visualize the debugging process. I am looking for an API with the following capabilities:

  • Get the variables in the debug window, when a debug session is started.
  • Get the changes to the variables when the user steps forward while debugging.

Thanks in advance for any help and information!

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Can anyone help?

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Sorry for delay, answer is being prepared.

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Hi, you can start with


it will return an instance of the current XDebugSession. Then


and computeChildren on the result will calculate the variables. Changes you'll have to compute yourself. A listener for


will trigger on every debugger stop.

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Thank you very much! I will try it out this weekend!

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Thanks for the detailed information. It is working quite well for me!
There is one thing I was wondering about regarding the values of the objects in the XStackFrame.

How can I get the values of the fields of the objects? For example, if I have an object with a name field of type string. How can I read this value or in general the values of all fields?

With computeChildren() I obtain a XValueChildrenList. There I was looking through the attribute myValues and each particular XValue but I was not able to find the value for the fields yet. Maybe you can give me a tip.


Thanks in advance!


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