Issues embedding editor in block inlay


I'm trying to embed a Swing component into an editor using a block inlay. The component contains, among other things, an embedded editor. I'm having some problems with this:

  1. I'm using EditorComponentInlaysManager to handle the components. I've copied it to my code with the intention of modifying it, but currently my copy is the same as the one in the community source. My first issue is that when I first insert the component there's just blank space in the editor, sized appropriately for the inserted component. If I then resize the editor slightly the component appears - it seems it's not correctly painted when it's first inserted.
  2. My component has a configuration toolbar along the top, including some components such as checkboxes. When I hover over these, the mouse pointer is still set to the editor caret, presumably because these components appear inside the enclosing editor. How can I fix this?
  3. Related, when I insert the component I focus the embedded editor. This seems to work since the caret is blinking in the embedded editor and static in the enclosing editor, however all keystrokes are sent to the enclosing editor. What's the best way to handle this?

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