Long expanded TypeScript type aliases clutter IDE

If you have typescript types with a lot of generic parameters, sub-types etc, sometimes the added type annotation in the IDE window is very annoying.

For example I was working with an API using a `Request<Body, Headers, Query, ...>` type, and when implementing an interface having some functions that take `(req, res)`, the expanded type annotations are hundreds of characters long (`Request<RequestBody<...>, Params<...>, ...`, it just goes on forever and runs outside the screen. This means I cannot even see parameters 2, 3, ... of my function as they come outside of the screen.

Is there a setting or similar that allows me to only see compact type annotations? If my function is typed as `(req: FooRequest, res, FooResponse)`, I just want to see those types - not the "exploded type aliases" derived from `FooRequest`. Alternatively, is there a setting to say "expand types but limit to, say, 20 characters?


I know how to disable type annotations from inlay hints completely, but it would be really nice to keep them but not expanding the aliases!


There are no options for that... But long types are normally collapsed by default in the hints - doesn't it work for you?


I have the same problem, I have most of the types defined as type aliases instead of interfaces and WebStorm shows a very long type hint (hundreds of characters) even though the types have shorter names. Some king of limiting option would be very helpful.


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