pycharm.. now we're talking..

 Hi I will try to keep this short.. Pycharm is suffering from what every leading
piece of software suffers from during some point in its existance...

 BLOAT. if you are not familiar.. its when software starts adding millions of useless 

that no one cares about. (remember microsoft word?..
 Now i'm no python expert.. and certainly no pycharm expert.. But i am a softare
 D.. as in developer..



..I've been trying for about five months to find a decent IDE. I want to learn.
 Python.  Let's cut to the chases.. you want pycharm to what its supposed to be? Disable
 all the plugins. Man !  Woman! .. I did that today. Python is beautiful now that I can use it!

Yes I know.. this message is taboo.. but its the truth.  and one more piece of honesty. don't disable the yaml plugin

.. That will give you an  erronious error 'pythond plugin missing.. re-install from scratch" .. haha pythond... in yaml.. nice try.

 If you do see that, just go your home dir (on windows. C\Users\<username> and delete ..PyCharmxxxx  (its a dot file). 

You will have to re-register..but you won't have to re-install and when you fire up pycharm and see what it can do..

. And im sure jet-brains will be disallowing this de-plugin thing if they have not already (i'm on a 2019 version)....with all the plugins cloggin up the computer.. forget it!  And reading the support at jet-brains.. they were trying their best.. "have you tried rebooting?"  give me a break.. same thing for MS.. Windows.. and you don't have to ditch all the plugins.. . just 94.5%... ahah...  whatever you aren't using.. Gherkin anyone?.

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I am using PyCharm for very long already and never thought of it to be having a Plugin-related problem. It could be a bit more easy to setup for newcomers, I would agree. You will have to fiddle a bit at the beginning. This is partly due to the complex Python ecosystem (Conda, virtualenv etc.). 

However, to be honest, I do not really understand your actual problem. Maybe you could boil it down to something concrete as in "This and that is happening. It would be better when it was another this".


Have a nice day

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I presume the point is that PyCharm comes with all features included out of the box, even features you may not need, whilst, e.g. VSCode is designed to be barebones, and you can install just the plugins you need.

This are just two different approaches.


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