Not able to compile simple project in Goland

While executing a very simple project in Goland IDE, I see following errors. Tried setting GO111MODULE=on/off/auto.. Didn't make any difference!! Any idea?


GOROOT=/usr/local/go #gosetup

GOPATH=/Users//Documents/workspace/<ws_name> #gosetup /usr/local/go/bin/go build -o /private/var/folders/jn/kjwpzfrx5f98w9nrkzkw48040000gn/T/___go_build_main_go /Users//Documents/workspace//src/<github_id>/users-api/main.go #gosetup

main.go:4:2: no required module provides package<github_id>/users-api/app: working directory is not part of a module

Compilation finished with exit code 1

NOTE: uid, github_id, ws_name etc are masks for actual ids

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Hi Ios Mxe,

Please see my answer here.

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