Rubymine function call syntax highlighting

I have tried to get syntax highlighting on function call, but it's not working. I'm using Material Theme(Monokai Theme). But when actually calling the function, it's white. Was hoping that the actual function calls would be highlighted as well


Hello Michael,

could you please attach the whole code sample and specify where you'd like to get syntax highlighting?


Hey Olga,

In the upper screenshot, 'prep_blob', 'redox_data', 'handle_response!', and 'redox_client' are functions defined within the class, and the 'send_to_redox!' method is defined within the redox client class, which is what the method is calling. Im just trying to find out how to get function calls highlighted. The function declaration works perfectly, but no function calls themselves are highlighted


In case you mean methods' calls its color can be configured via Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | Ruby | Identifiers | Identifier. If not, then probably I didn't get the question right.


Thank you Olga! That did it! I didn't even think to check the Ruby, :facepalm:, every article I read online said to modify the language defaults, which never worked for me. Thanks so much!



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