Error in IntelliJ and PyCharm UI when querying a Redshift Table


Using Intellij or PyCharm when clicking on a table name under the a schema to open a preview of the table yields the following error message (per the Services log):

_[2021-02-15 16:01:31] Connected
<schema>: <schema>, public, postgis> SELECT t.*, CTID
FROM <schema>.<table> t
[2021-02-15 16:01:31] [BO017] ERROR: ODBC Error (Redshift) - SQLPrepare failed: [<schema>-fdw] ODBC driver reported the following error during SQLExecute:
[2021-02-15 16:01:31] [<schema>-fdw] 42703:1:30:[Amazon][Amazon Redshift] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: [SQLState 42703] ERROR: column "ctid" does not exist in labs_

It looks like the IntelliJ UI adds on a CTID column (which maps to a row identifier), suggesting a possible configuration issue for previewing <schema> datasets within the IntelliJ UI.

Is there a workaround available? 

This other issue from 2014 is the same

and another in 2017

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you've posted the same issue on our tracker, will continue investigation there.


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