Snap upgrade to 2021.1 on ubuntu loses all project structure



I've been running IntelliJ Ultimate 2020.3.3 on Ubuntu for a while without problem (installed using snap) - snap upgraded it to 2021.1 this morning and when it opened up all the project structure had been lost (it's a Java webapp so all the modules, artifacts libs etc. were missing / empty).

I used snap to switch back to 2020.3.3 and that seems to be working correctly but I would like to upgrade to 2021.1 - is there something I have to do to get project structure settings to carry over during a snap upgrade?



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Can you please provide additional details for the investigation?

  • A screenshot of Project tool window from 2021.1 IDE version.

  • Attach your .idea folder and all .iml files from the project directory or upload the whole project if it is open source.

  • Collect diagnostic data. (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)

The files can be uploaded at (do not forget to specify the UploadID)

As a workaround you can try to do:

  • Close the IDE.

  • Delete the .idea folder and all .iml files from the project directory.

  • Re-import the project into IntelliJ from Existing sources.


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