[Complex issue] Community Vs Ultimate to Business projects


I have a question based on Community Vs Ultimate from intellij.
My question is based on whether the community version can do the same as the ultimate, I would like it to be so.

I am developing Java EE, Spring, APIs, JavaScript, PHP and others for the projects.

I'm in the Spring section, and I'm looking at:

While in the community it does not.

But could the community version do the exact same thing with a plugin? (for example in this case Spring)

With community version could I do business projects? if it were so I would be very happy, because would it turn out that I have a new IDE.

Why do I ask if the community version could do the same as the ultimate? Because I am thinking of changing from IDE to an IDE with a more pleasant graphical interface (If you have to spend 24 hours programmed, what better than a beautiful visual environment) . With Eclipse I can program, from Android, Java EE, PHP ... there are countless extensions nowadays. All languages ​​today. But it has an internal problem. It is too slow and uses a GUI tied to the S.O.
I want to escape from "Eclipse / Tarkov".

Looking at intellij's $ 500 yearly purchase plan, with a plan to cut costs each year. I see excessive spending when, for example, there are very good IDEs like Eclipse for this case.

I understand that intellij can use many languages, but each language has its own IDE with "all the necessary tools". But with intellij you can have it all in one IDE, right. So what differentiates it from VSC or VSCodium? They are totally free.

I look forward to working with intellij, but having to pay a fee of $ 500 per year does not please me very much. Many companies in "Europe" are not aware of "giving" programmers a good computer to deploy applications. It may be the most normal thing in America to give a programmer 32GB Ram and a CPU of 16 cores with 32threads, but in Europe we are still going with 8GB of Ram and 2 to 4 cores (While to play we use rockets; and to program apps we use turtles (old mindset)). So, it is most likely that companies do not pay a license, so the programmer has to pay for the license? It does not make much sense, at least in Europe / Spain.

Returning to the question, can the community version do business projects exactly the same as the ultimate? Otherwise, I will have to opt for Eclipse.

I only know of one IDE that does it all (damn microsoft). Microsoft VS. You can program whatever you want, even if you want for UNREAL ENGINE.

Forgive my english.

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No, the features specific to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate cannot be used in IntelliJ IDEA Community, see https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/editions_comparison_matrix.html .

You cannot install the Ultimate only plug-ins into the Community Edition.

See also https://stackoverflow.com/a/13829907/104891 .

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is $500 per year, not per month, also note that it's a commercial subscription for organizations and the license can be distributed to different users (like if one user leaves the project, you can assign the unused license to a different user who has joined the project).

If you are the only IntelliJ IDEA user you may want to buy a personal license for your name instead which is only $149 per year.

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I wanted to say by year.

Even so, the idea does not convince me at all. Having editors that have everything included and totally free, like the ones I mentioned, having to pay for something as if it were "a service" does not seem right to me. It may be normal in the US to pay, even for a notepad, but not in Europe.

So unfortunately, I will use the current free editors that in addition to their functions perfectly fulfill business projects.


But I would like to comment on one thing. No intention of offending anyone. If you can afford to pay N services, N subscriptions, N IDE, counting everything else, it seems perfect to me, it is not your case.

I have had quite a few discussions (programming pages, games, general forums ...) of all ages, that "you" the US are rooted in a concept about money that seems irrational here in Europe. They may be views of different continents.

While we defend the free word, Americans have a concept that "nothing is free."
Obviously nothing is free, nobody lives off the air, but there are ways to pay for them (I can't imagine paying for the Google search engine, Youtube (Google), Twitch (Amazon), Eclipse (IBM -> Eclipse Foundation) ... and endless from them.

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See https://sales.jetbrains.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207240845-What-is-a-perpetual-fallback-license- . Technically it's not a service, after buying 1-year subscription you get the version you bought forever.

IntelliJ IDEA features and integrations with different frameworks can save you hours of time and pay off in a week. Of course it's up to you what IDE to use.


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I just checked

However, the post does not make much sense, because an IDE always needs to be updated. With this I do not want to detract from the post at all, it is a great post to inform about the license.

But an IDE always needs constant updates, whether in frameworks, new languages, infrastructures, plugins and many others, it has to be updated daily.

About https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/idea-forrester-tei/.
I have a university account. So what happens? I don't want a moment to come when they tell me "Hey, you have to pay yes or yes!". With the effort that I will have dedicated to learning IntelliJ and then having to leave it, for the simple fact of maintaining a quota.

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We have to feed our families as well, we develop the IDE and keep it up to date with the recent framework updates. Developers pay money for that and save even more by utilizing the IDE productivity features many of which are unique to IntelliJ IDEA or work much better than in the other IDEs. It looks like an honest and fair model to me. You may not agree with that and expect all the tools to be free. Free doesn't always mean better and you may spend days hunting a bug that IntelliJ IDEA would have warned you about at the time you typed that code. If it's not worth $149 per year for the personal license for the developer making money by writing code, I'm not sure what else to tell you.

And in case you have problems/questions, our support team is always here to help you and save your time again. I don't think you will get this level of support with any free IDE.

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First of all, thank you for your time.

That last argument that Americans use to say about supporting families is quite easy to refute. (but we are not in a debate)

As I said well in my second post, there are many ways to get financing (because nobody lives off the air), without having to reach the consumer. It depends on the business model you create. You just need a business plan.

As an Android application programmer, all my applications are free and do not have pop-ups, how is it possible?

With this I do not want to open any economic debate or anything. Simply by statistics, the quota plan does not work.


Free doesn't always mean better. I agree.
Nor does it mean better by fee.

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If you have open source projects, you can apply for the free license: https://www.jetbrains.com/community/opensource/#support .

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Thank you anyway. But my projects are all closed source. If I ever change my mind, I might look at it.


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