Unused declaration highlight

I am developing on vue js using webstorm.I want the colors of unused methods to be gray like the exampleMethod1 method color.
It used to be done automatically but now it doesn't work. How can I fix it?

As you can see in the example picture createResizeEventListener and exampleMethod1 are not used but createResizeEventListener method is colored.

I did not understand what the two methods color according to.

Webstorm version:2020.2.4





Invoke Find Usages for createResizeEventListener() method - are any usages reported? Also, does the issue persist after caches invalidation (File > Invalidate caches, Invalidate and Restart)?


I followed the steps you said.

The createResizeEventListener method still looks colored.
createResizeEventListener is used in another vue file but is independent of this page.

I think webstorm checking this method in the whole project?



Yes, it does inspect the whole project when looking for method usages


I understand, thank you very much for the information. Elena Pogorelova


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