Populate Run/Debug configuration from an Action, Button or Listener


Hello there

Sorry to bother you guys in here, I know this is not a real bug, but I am really having hard time developing plugins due to missing documentation and lack of examples.

So my goal is to:
1. create a ToolWindow
2. display some data in a table
3. when the user click into a row, populate a Run/Debug configuration **from an existing template** (Ex: nodejs or Java itself).

So for the first two points I had almost no problems; now I have a table that gets some data from an API and a table selection listener which ideally should open a configuration window and populate it with the data from the table.

I have create, following the tutorial, a Run configuration: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/run-configurations.html
and this is working as expected, it is appearing on the templates list.
However now there is no mention on how to open/populate this configuration from an action, a button or as in my specific case action listener.

Reading through the documentation I came across these:
"`ModuleBasedConfiguration` is a base class for a configuration that is associated with a specific module (for example, Java run configurations use the selected module to determine the run classpath)", it looks like something similar to what I am doing, but then that's it, no other explanation on how to use it or examples.
Also this one sounds similar:
"LocatableConfigurationBase is a common base class that should be used for configurations that can be created from context by a RunConfigurationProducer. It supports automatically generating a name for a configuration from its settings and keeping track of whether the name was changed by the user."
But once again that's it, I have no clue what to do with that, what is the context? DataContext or something else? How can I use it after I have register it?

It would be nice if someone could give me a hint, because honestly I am really lost.



### EDIT 1

Ok I have found something more by Googling, those are the progress so far:

RunManager instance = RunManager.getInstance(project);

RunnerAndConfigurationSettings configuration = instance
    .createConfiguration("config-test-1", new RunDebuggerConfiguration().getConfigurationFactories()[0]); // This is somewhat improvised


ExecutionEnvironmentBuilder builder = ExecutionEnvironmentBuilder.createOrNull(DefaultRunExecutor.getRunExecutorInstance(), configuration);

if (builder != null) {

This is still not working properly, however now I am able to add a configuration and I think open the dialog as well, so next I would like to get an existing run configuration from a template and populate it.

I see the `RunManager` exposes `.getConfigurationTemplate`, but is not really clear what `ConfigurationFactory` I need to pass.


### EDIT 2

With this modification I am able to get an existing template/configuration, however I cannot find a way to populate some of its fields (Ex: Environmental Variables).

RunManager instance = RunManager.getInstance(project);
List<RunnerAndConfigurationSettings> allSettings = instance.getAllSettings();
RunnerAndConfigurationSettings runnerAndConfigurationSettings = allSettings.get(0);

ExecutionEnvironmentBuilder builder = ExecutionEnvironmentBuilder
     .createOrNull(DefaultRunExecutor.getRunExecutorInstance(), runnerAndConfigurationSettings);

if (builder != null) {

You need to cast the RunConfiguration instance to corresponding implementation/interface, e.g. com.intellij.execution.CommonProgramRunConfigurationParameters to access setEnvs/getEnvs()


Ok, that partially helped, thanks.
However I just realized that if, for example, I want the Nodejs run configuration I will have to depend on that plugin, is that right?
Is there a method to retrieve that particular run configuration?

If not then I think is better if I create my custom configuration.


Yes, see https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/plugin-dependencies.html


com.jetbrains.nodejs.run.NodeJsRunConfigurationType to filter via RunManager

Note there is com.jetbrains.nodejs.run.NodeJSRunConfigurationExtension extension point (NodeJS.runConfigurationExtension) that allows adding custom contributed content in run configuration, maybe that is more suitable?



I think I am going to use this.
Many thanks for the tips, they helped me connecting all the dots.


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