How Do We Convert A Terminal Command To A Run Configuration?


In a relatively recent update there was a feature added that highlighted a command in the terminal that could be run from IDEA directly.

When it first appeared there was a popup informing you of the feature but now all I see is the highlighted text in the terminal.

Was this feature just supposed to be to let you know that you could do it elsewhere or where you supposed to be able to convert it to a run configuration somehow?

I can't find the action or docs about this.

I tried various clicking combinations and searched the menus and actions. It is difficult to search for since the search terms tend to lead to results about command line interfaces.

Ironically, I was going to paste an example of the above search but I spelt the terms incorrectly which led to the correct answer!

From this experience it leads me to to believe that there should either be something in the context menu explaining this or a highlighted command should have some info on how to do it when you hover over it.



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Smart execution of Terminal commands was introduced to allow for launching a UI after parsing commands instead of showing console output.

Once an input command is matched, it is highlighted, and then by pressing Ctrl-Enter you can open a corresponding UI with parameters fetched from the command.

For example, `git log --author=john` opens the Git Log panel filtered by users that match "john", while `git log branch` opens the Git Log tab with the specified branch.

You can refer to this blog post for more information on the feature:

We are also working on adding more details to the online help page that you mentioned: full list of supported commands, more examples, etc.

Feel free to submit a usability problem report to our issue tracker if you think that the feature could use more hints in the UI to add to its discoverability/usability.


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