Opening a new project opens the window halfway off the screen (external monitor)

This just started happening randomly, though it's consistent now... when I open a new project from the projects window, the project opens on the external monitor halfway off the screen.

Situation: On my MacBook Pro 2019 (macOS Catalina 10.15.7), I have a 2nd monitor plugged into one of the USB-C ports... it works fine with everything but this right now. I have the PHPStorm main window maximized on the 2nd monitor. I may sometimes have the Terminal tab or a file moved over to its own window on the main Mac screen or my 3rd monitor (which isn't always plugged in).

If I have PHPStorm on the Mac screen, the issue doesn't happen; any project I open opens maximized on the Mac screen.

I can't figure out why the main window keeps opening up on the external monitor halfway off the screen (most of the time now) when I open a project. Note that the main PHPStorm window previously was already maximized to the screen upon closing.

Has anyone else ran into this? I can't tell if this is a Mac or PHPStorm problem, but I'm pretty sure it's not the external monitors because I haven't had this issue before with any other program or computer.

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Thanks for the link.

It wasn't doing it the other day... now it's doing it again >:(

For the forum readers here, when it happens, it happens when I had the editor window on my 1st external screen (2nd screen overall), and the window opens halfway between that screen and the 2nd external screen (3rd screen overall).

This is on macOS Catalina 10.15.7, on a MacBook Pro 2019, where the two external screens are connected each directly through the laptop's USB-C ports.


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