Webstorm collapses project tab and only opens new file in editor tabs

I'm not sure what setting changed to cause this issue but now when I open a file the editor tabs only displays the file opened. I have Editor tab limit closing policy set to 15 and close unused when tabs exceed limit, so this doesnt look to be the issue. Here's what's happening:

Any advice on what setting I need to change so that I see up to 15 open files when opening a new file would be appreciated. 


Not sure I understand what you mean by Project tab collapsing - as far as I can see from your video, the project tree is not collapsed once you click on a file to open it....

Looks as if you are using some custom theme plugin. Does the issue persist if you disable it?


I fixed the project tab collapsing by changing the View mode to Dock Pinned. But still have the issue with only a single file being displayed. 
I removed the custom theme, restarted Webstorm and am still having the issue. 


@Lance Parish

1. Please show what do you have at "Main Menu | View | Appearance"

2. This could be a preview window and not proper Editor tab yet. Show what you have for Project View panel settings (right click on toolwindow title or via gears icon)

3. Will it behave any differently if you disable ALL custom (not bundled by default) plugins, including Code With Me (which is bundled)? Restart IDE after that (ideally whole computer, just in case -- it often helps even on Mac, not Windows only :) ).


Try disabling the Open declaration source in the same tab option - does it help?


Thanks. I think disabling Open declaration source in the same tab did it. 


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