Next line indentation when pressing Enter between double quotes


I am using latest Clion. I did reset to default settings, disable "Smart indent" and disable all "Align when multiline" checkboxes in C++ code style settings.

Consider next line:

XPTEST_FAIL_IF (result.Failed(), "FAILED: Could not create layout: " << result << "\n""Log: " << databaseSetup->GetLogText());

When I press Enter between double quotes in caret position 87, the next line ("Log: ...) starts in caret position 83, not 1, or at least 5 :), as expected.

Any chance that I can change this CLion behaviour somewhere in the settings?

If I add a Space between these double quotes and hit Enter after the Space character, then the next line will start from the beginning. If I hit Enter before Space, then same 82 white spaces appear on the next line.

And here is another example:

std::string s = "a""b";

Pressing Enter between double quotes moves "b"; to the next line started from caret position 17, not to the beginning of the line. Trick with Space also works here.

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