new to programming and pyhton

Hi, my name is Isabel, I am completely new and I am just starting my journey. I am having difficulties with receiving input. I am currently just trying the most basic ways of learning. Following a tutorial on youtube with 'Programming with Mosh, on part 20:40, I copied everything he said, yet nothing happens. Please can someone help me?

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Each time you run a program, it creates a Run Configuration

that contains the information needed to setup running the program. PyCharm can have multiple run configurations that you choose from the toolbar, just to the left of the green play button.

If you are editing a different file and want to run it, the simplest thing to do is right click in the editor and choose Run `filename'. This will create a run configuration for that file and run it. It will also remember this as the last-run Run Configuration. To go back to the previous run, either do the right-click thing again, or switch the active run configuration in the toolbar dropdown.


As per the screenshot the is being executed now, whereas you would expect 


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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