Is it possible for WebStorm to detect if an API endpoint is deprecated?

I'm working on several systems with Java Spring backend and Angular frontend.

These Angular apps may use several of these Spring backends through endpoints, but each 3 or 4 of them are maintained by a different team. It's not usual, but sometimes we need to move some funcionalities around and the best way of doing it is to deprecate and after a while remove them.

Is there a way for WebStorm to show an endpoint we are trying to use is deprecated? I know it shows up in the Swagger UI. Is it possible for WebStorm to read that?



the only way for the IDE to know that the certain method/class/etc is deprecated is using the appropriate JSDoc annotation (@deprecated) in doc comments attached to it. Not sure how the API endpoints can be marked though


Alright. Thanks Elena. This isn't that big of an issue because we keep an anouncements channel between teams for this kind of stuff, but I was wondering if the IDE could detect it on its own.

I searched for plugins both for WebStorm and for VSCode (the main IDE used in the company currently) but couldn't find anything that could read that information. Maybe one day...



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