Where are the sbt logs?

This question concerns reloading a build.sbt using the top right symbol in the code buffer, not using the sbt shell.

Sometimes I do not get my build.sbt right and it fails. Showing me only


sbt task failed, see log for details


Where are those logs stored and how can I access them?

Would be really nice if those logs could be displayed alongside the error as the error message alone is useless.


You had any progress ?


Same problem. It says "sbt task failed, see log for details", but I cannot find the log.

However `sbt reload` in CLI does show this:


[error] (update) found version conflict(s) in library dependencies; some are suspected to be binary incompatible:


[error] * co.fs2:fs2-core_2.12:3.2.5 (early-semver) is selected over {2.5.10, 3.2.4}

[error]     +- org.http4s:http4s-core_2.12:0.23.11                (depends on 3.2.5)

[error]     +- co.fs2:fs2-io_2.12:3.2.5                           (depends on 3.2.5)

[error]     +- org.tpolecat:doobie-free_2.12:1.0.0-RC2            (depends on 3.2.4)

[error]     +- org.http4s:jawn-fs2_2.12:1.2.0                     (depends on 2.5.10)


So I can only suggest that people try to use the CLI to capture the actual error.


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