how to debug electron render part with webstorm which written in typescirpt?

I write the program in typescript you need to start the program by command npm start, not like electron which can start with option --inspect, I don't know how to set the npm option to make the webstorm can attach to it. 

I already check this link but it not start with command `npm start`

I can debug the main process now, but I don't know how to debug the render process by attaching it.


You need adding --remote-debugging-port option to your script. What does your start script look like?


In my case, I have enable the devtools.

But when debugging the code , it always Paused in debugger after resuming the debugger.

I don't know whether it will be ok or not if I using the webstorm to debug the electron renderer javascript



I have the exact same problem. Followed instructions from here: Getting Started With Electron in WebStorm | The JetBrains Blog

  • Can debug main process
  • Cannot  debug render process
  • In fact, when I try to debug the render process, my breakpoint in the main process is what triggers, so it seems like the IDE is not connecting to the render process at all.

What does your start script look like? A demo project that reproduces the issue would be helpful


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