custom plugin - is this right approach?


Dear community,

I would like to ask a basic question regarding to custom plugin development. I am just starting and doing some decisions how my plugin should work. I would appreciate your feedback.

My plugin is related to data processing. Data processing is sequence of steps(e.g. rename XY, add row ABC, delete 123...) I have data file and I would like to write a python script(I call it a recipe) to perform some data processing operations on my input data file. I am owning this script(recipe), so I can do whatever I want. My idea was to tell this script( recipe) to  create a "descriptor" file with meaningful content in some hidden directory after each step.

On the end of the day I would like to right click  on my data file and choose "run recipe..". It will run my recipe(a python script) on that data file. The result of this action should be: executed data processing steps(e.g. renamed, added, deleted rows..) written in this script(recipe)


There will be a hidden directory:





Content of step.descriptor should be json or serialized POJO object, for simplicity lets to be just text file:

Operation "rename XY" affected 23 rows...


So after script finished,  I would like to open a tab on the bottom( simmilar to tab "Problems") - part of my custom plugin where I would like to see steps and theirs content, so I can be able to perform some additional tasks on right click.. To accomplish this, I would like to read content of .hidden_directory to show all steps and theirs result with some context.

Is this correct approach? I am wondering, how should I do something like this. 



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Doesn't sound "wrong" to me. OTOH it's hard to judge without more context and knowledge about users and workflows. You might want to ask in Slack for more input from fellow plugin developers.


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