Visual glitchon macbook pro.


Hi everyone,

Here is a little video about the visual glitch. I have noticed it only in phpstorm or webstorm. But I gave my new mac to a service. The service did not find any problem, but they will change the display (they think that this may help)... But may be this is not a macbook problem? Maybe this is a phpstorm/webstorm problem? The video contains two slow-motion moments.


Here is a screenshot:


And here is a video of one moment in natural speed: MyPrepaidCenter

The video and screenshot were taken by a phone camera.

P.S. Use dropbox app to watch video normally. On the website it renders only a half...


The file names, uploaded by a webform:

VID-20190819-WA0011.mp4 (10.1 mb)
VID-20190819-WA0010.mp4 (3.9 mb)
IMG-20190819-WA0009.jpg (49 kb)
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Hi. Every link gives me "This item was deleted" message.


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