Authentication falied for GitHub

Authentication doesn't work. With 2FA turned off, or on, using the Github website, the thing where Pycharm opens a browser and connects to GitHub. Although, on GitHub everything seems enabled.

Pycharm error: "Git Pull failed, remote: Repository not found. Authentication failed for ..."

Pycharm Version 2020.3.5 Professional, Windows 10 Pro 20H2


Hello Jm

We're sorry that you've had such an experience with our software. 

If you still would like to figure out what can be wrong, please check:
1. Preferences | Version Control | GitHub - do you have "Missing personal access token" next to your account?
2. Preferences | Version Control | Git - do you have "Use credential helper" enabled? If so, please disable it
3. Are you trying to pull from an organization repository? If so, it may worth checking GitHub doc on how to request OAuth access from organization

Otherwise please feel free to submit a ticket and we will investigate logs for you and provide you with more precise steps based on your configuration


Thanks for your response. I guess it's due to point 3.


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