What are the editor color settings to change the background and font colors of the code complete window?

I've been using a customized version of the VibrantInk color scheme. This has worked well and been stable for the past year or so. But after upgrading WebStorm, I found that the code complete windows are no longer using a dark theme and are instead appearing like they would with the default WebStorm color theme (see first screen shot).


If I change my editor color scheme from "VibrantInk custom" to "VibrantInk", the style of the code complete window is restored, but then I loose all of my color customizations.


It is clear that some setting or combination of settings in the color scheme control the font and background color of the code complete window, but which ones are not obvious, as there are a lot of options. I'd like to find what I need to change on my "VibrantInk Custom" scheme to restore the look of the code complete window, and not have to make a new copy of "VibrantInk" and reapply all of my customizations.


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