Is it possible to change the console query tab font style and color?


Color coding tabs is great for working with different DBs but is rendered almost useless when not being able to read the label on it. I tried changing Color Scheme -> General -> Text -> Tabs but if that does anything I have no idea where it happens. Bold and Italic are not selectable.

Yuriy Vinogradov

what is color theme for IDE and Editor? Is it 'Darcula'? Actually font color should white for tab caption. Please try to uncheck 'in edtor tabs' here:


I've been using the "Rider Melon Dark" theme that I imported.


I'm not able to locate the settings that you show above. Can you give me the path to it pls?


I'm still not able to change the color of the text on a console or table tab. Unchecking the suggested checkbox just seems to remove the colors from tabs that aren't active. Admittedly that does make it marginally more readable but not by a great deal. It doesn't help the active tab though.


Bold and Italic have no effect. Foreground doesn't appear to do a great deal as far as I can detect.


Am I attempting to do something that isn't possible?


To get the DB Color Settings

1. Righ click on the DB folder or connection then select "Color Settings..."


After you modify your settings you can right-click on your connection (1) and in the name you can click the color icon (2) to change it.

Here is a screenshot of the colors I use for the connection and tabs.

You cannot change the font on the console tabs.  The selected tab coloring you have modified is for the editor tabs not console.




This only appears to work when you are using a light color scheme. Using a dark scheme it changes the color of the complete tab and leaves the font color as grey.


Hello Nathanjwtx,
Are your consoles added to VCS? e.g. git
IDE changes tab text color if a file is under VCS and it's edited


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