Plotting Sine Wave

I copied a script that plots a sine wave from a book called Digital Modulations.  I created a project in Pycharm and copied the script into a new project.  However I do not get an output when I run the script. 

def sine_wave_demo():
Simulate a sinusoidal signal with given sampling rate
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # library for plotting
from signalgen import sine_wave # import the function

f = 10 # frequency = 10 Hz
overSampRate = 30 # oversammpling rate
phase = 1 / 3 * np.pi # phase shift in radians
nCyl = 5 # desired number of cycles of the sine wave
(t, g) = sine_wave(f, overSampRate, phase, nCyl) # function call

plt.plot(t, g) # plot using pyplot library from matplotlib package
plt.title('Sine wave f=' + str(f) + ' Hz') # plot title
plt.xlabel('Time (s)') # x-axis label
plt.ylabel('Amplitude') # y-axis label # disply the figure


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