Deployment Headaches

I am so frustrated with PhpStorm. For a couple of months now my deployment settings just randomly disappear.

It's particularly noticeable when I switch to a project that I may not have worked on recently.

The worse thing is that once it starts happening, the settings just won't "stick". I'll enter the entire FTP setup, and then next time I try to deploy a file it fails. When I go to check, all the fields are blank.

I've pretty much had to give up on using it at all, which is a real shame because it's a useful utility.

Someone previously suggested deleting the KeePass database. I did that, and for a while some of the deployment settings did stay in place, but the problem soon came back.

Is anyone else having these issues?

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Haven't seen similar complaints for quite some time. What OS & IDE versions are you running? I'd suggest to contact us directly via Help | Contact Support because we would eventually have to inspect IDE logs, your IDE configuration & other sensitive data.



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