How can I change the sidebar menu font line-height in new version ?

I want to change font line-height on sidebar menu. But I can't find the setting place.


there is a hidden option that allows overwriting the default line spacing in the tree views, ide.override.Tree.rowHeight.

- in Help > Find Action, type registry....

- open the registry, locate the ide.override.Tree.rowHeight key there

- set it to some non-negative value, restart the IDE


Elena Pogorelova I set ide.override.Tree.rowHeight as you said but there is no changes with the sidebar menu font line-height in Pycharm. I tried to set it's value as 0.3, 0.7 or 0 - no matter


Elena Pogorelova

Hello there, I'm wondering that when I upgrade my PHPStorm version to 2022.1 the configure of the project view font setting is changed.

Before I upgrade, the project view's font line height size looks like 1.2 to font size, which is I set to my editor font, after that, the line height has changed to 1.0, unaffected by the editor setting, is there some problem with the default configure?

There is any way that I can get back the line-height size 1.2 times to font size in project view?

By the way, the version is 2021.3.1 before I upgrade.


Editor font settings don't affect the line spacing in the Project tool window, it's set up in the UI theme


Is that mean there is no way I can set the project view's line height?


I'm taking back what I'm saying! LOL!

The LaF stuff worked!

Thanks very much.

I love you man, Elena Pogorelova

I'll post what I did to the thread which you send out.

Thanks again.


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