jps-plugin integration into my custom plugin


I am working on custom intellij plugin which will take the .kel files and needs to generate the .java files from it. We have compiler for this all I need to call that compiler from jps-plugin from it. For this I created new jps-plugin into my plugin and I started working on it. I have completed basic structure of jps plugin and integrated into it. But when I clicked on build project none of the files in jps-plugin is invoked. I am not sure what I'm missing. I'm attaching my main plugin structure and plugin.xml file from main plugin and build.gradle files from main plugin and jps-plugin. Please help me here anything I'm missing in the configuration.

Upload id: 2021_04_08_Lj5nApXyGoB6Qdxd (files: plugin.xml and 3 more)

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