Search IntelliJ Shelf


Hi, does anyone know if there is a way of searching the shelf in IntelliJ for a file or contents?

My workaround is to grep files in the shelf directory.  Just checking if anyone knows a more direct way.

Thanks, /dave.


Hello Deasy Dave

If you would like to search for a file in Shelf you can just go to Commit -> Switch to Shelf tab and start typing. Shelf supports quick search, so once you start typing it will output files.


Thanks Ruslan.  That's interesting - didn't realize that existed.

This searches shelf names / file names.

It searches what is displayed in the Shelf tab, so it matches titles of shelves, plus files names for any shelved bundle that is expanded - by substring / case insensitive.

So workaround to search the entire shelf is to expand all contents on the shelf - to expose all file names.

It highlights all matches, no 'next match'.

Looks like I am back to grep in shelf directory if I want to search file contents, but usually file name is enough.

Thanks again, /Dave.


Deasy Dave

You can jump between matches by pressing arrow keys.
And when you do it, those shelf trees that contain a match will be expanded.


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